Saturday, May 29, 2010

Therese - Drop It Like It's Hot

Swedish House Diva Therese Grankvist is back! Therese has become famous for Swedish audience back in 90s when she was brought by Dr. Alban to a dance project Drömhus. Drömhus had a lot of entries in charts (like "Du och Jag", "Håll Dig Nära", etc.) but the biggest one was hit #1 "Vill ha dig". In 1999 Drömhus with the song "Stjärna på himmelen" has managed to reach 2nd place on Melodifestivalen right after Charlotte Nilsson-Perrelli who later brought Sweden its last victory on Eurovision. Project's life wasn't too long and Therese has gone solo being faithfull to dance-music though. Her single "Monkey" was noticed by audience in 2002 and "Time" has entered Top-20, in 2003 Therese released her first solo album "Acapulco". Further highlights of Therese' career were different successful collaborations with other projects like Stonebridge ("Put 'em High", "Take me away"), The Attic ("The Arrival"), Danny ("If Only You") and now it's time to come back as solo-artist so Therese's releasing new single "Drop It Like It's Hot" and should I say mention that Therese still stays faithful to her club roots? You can also find nice b-side "Say It (In The Morning)" on this single and you can hear it in Kia Venga commercial as well.

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