Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eric Saade - Masquerade

It was really crazy spring for young artist Eric Saade who has made successful debut on Melodifestivalen-2010 with platinum hit "Manboy", few days ago I told about his Past so now time has come for his Future and this Future is his first solo-album "Masquerade". If you like what you've heard from Eric before tracks from this album will get your players for a long time. I would describe it as mix from Kempe-goes-Britney-disco-pop (Masquerade, Manboy, Sleepless, Upgrade, Radioactive), BWO+September's electro-pop (It's Gonna Rain, Why Do We Need Fashion) and classic boy band stuff that you could expect from What's Up (Say It, I'll Be Alright), next planned single is "Break Of Dawn" that sounds for me like young modern sister of Peter Jöback's "Hollow" and some classic Blue/Westlife ballad. Sounds interesting? Well, probably it's better if you'll check our preview of this album below.

Credits list of the album:
Masquerade (Eric Saade, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad & Tony Malm)
Upgrade (Alexander Jonsson, Björn Djupström & Charlie Mason)
Break of Dawn (Eric Saade & Fredrik Kempe)
It's Gonna Rain (Fredrik Kempe)
Manboy (Fredrik Kempe & Peter Boström)
Say It (Gustav Efraimsson, Hayden Bell & Sarah Lundbäck)
Sleepless (Fredrik Kempe & Peter Boström)
I'll Be Alright (Eric Saade, Dimitri Stassos, Mikaela Stenström & Jason Gill)
Radioactive (Dimitri Stassos & Mikaela Stenström)
Why Do We Need Fashion!? (Eric Saade, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad & Niclas Lundin)
It's Like That With You (Alexander Kronlund, Stephanie Bentley, Gustav Efraimsson, Hayden Bell & Sarah Lundbäck)

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Glinta said...

It's very interesting =) I want to listen it

Paul said...

It's Gonna Rain is all sorts of actually amazosity. Loving the site btw, please tell me you are on twitter also!!

Damian said...

Oh, I agree, along with Why Do We Need Fashion and Radioactive - I've played these three tracks all day long today :)
Thanx so much Paul, you have a great blog too, I'm adding you to our friends ;)
My twitter is