Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Kikki!

These days you could read a lot about troubles of old poor schlager-veteran Kikki Danielsson, after her father's death Kikki moved back to her plans of comeback tour and recording album but luck didn't follow her in music as well. Her first single "Maybe I'll Do" (duo with Sulo) was rejected on the radio and KIkki was pushed into a heavy depresion isolating herself and crying all the time. However her fans and media helped to bring some attention to this problem and finally P4 decided to take another song "Let This Light Shine On Forever" and schlager-diva was brought back to life. Hooray! Putting hand on heart stuff sounds like totally lacking potential but girl needs a try. Sulo's becoming some sort of curse for artists he makes duos with. After Sara Löfgren came back in 2008 releasing single "Still looking for you" with him her album "Maskrosor" turned into great fiasko.

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