Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's up without Eric?

It's just a few days left before release of new Swedish pop-sensation Eric Saade's debut album "Masquerade" who has made a great break-through this year with his song "Manboy". Eric has no big artistic portfolio yet but there were some moments which probably didn't make him a big star for a Swedish audience but at least well-known face - manboy of Swedish sweetheart Molly Sandén and singer in a boy band What's Up! The band was formed in 2007 and released debut album "In Pose" along with some singles (most popular one was "Go Girl!" and actually the album was really fine!) and working with Disney Channel but in 2009 band broke up, Eric has gone solo with band's manager and guys have found new member and come back to work again later. Seems like record label "Plugged Records" that band's signed to decided to take opportunity of buzz around Eric nowadays and to release new band's single "Walk In Walk Out" just a week before Eric's album. Quite smart decision that already helped single to enter iTunes chart! Currently What's Up! is Johan Yngvesson, Ludwig "Ludde" Keijser, Robin Stjernberg and Johannes Magnusson who replaced Eric and wrote their comeback single, classic boy band pop song that's difficult not to compare with some older prototypes like O-Town, 98 Degrees, Five East-17 and other popular bands of 90s, this nostalgic feeling actually catches me and push me to listen it again and again. Band plans to release new album already this autumn.

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