Monday, May 17, 2010

Oskar Linnros - Från och med Du

Probably new name for you but last days new single of Oskar Linnros has extremely tightly got #1 of Swedish iTunes chart and it means we need to give him our attention. Before decision to show himself as solo-artist Oskar was involved in some popular projects like hip-hop duo Snook and another hip-hop project Maskinen (the biggest success band achieved in 2009 with their single "Alla som inte dansar") but probably the closest to his new solo music he made with Veronica Maggio. In 2008 they written together Veronica's album "Och vinnaren är...", the album has become platinum and spent 77 weeks in albums chart. Impressive? So imagine Veronica's light summer pop with male vocal and you'll get new Oskar's songs. First single "Ack, Sundbyberg" was released back in January but only the second one "Från och med Du" has shot immediately and you can get a taste of it below. Oskar's album "Det är första gången för mig med" will be released very soon and you can check its trailer here.

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Anonymous said...

For a long time i've been waiting to hear new songs from Veronica, so that's also good because it has the great sound of her latest album.

btw, when will SHE release new stuff?

Damian said...

Unforunately there's no news about her at all, all her sources are now in coma and we can't even guess about her comeback. However Oskar's album will be out in a week, hope you'll find in it at least part of what you miss about Veronica.