Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apollo Drive - Papercut

Today I'd like to present you new rock-band that showed just a few pieces of their music and it turned to be really promising stuff. This band is Apollo Drive and it was formed in 2008 originally by guitar player Stefan Örn and singer Fredrik Lönngren joined later by the rest of members. Band has started writing songs and touring in Sweden, their demo-stuff has reached famous producer Anders Bagge who was really impressed by Fredrik's vocal and decided that he has to work with this band. In January of 2009 band released their first single "Time" really nice alternative track that wasn't met with as great enthusiasm in charts though. Year later band features Lazee's single "Calling Out" that's turning to a really big hit in Sweden and little later releases their new single "Papercut" on US iTunes and later in March in Sweden. You can also check another new song "If You Only Let Me" on band's myspace, guys prepare another new stuff and this year Stefan Örn together with Anders Bagge have written the song "Drip Drop" for Azerbaijanian representative on Eurovision-2010 Safura, this song is the biggest favorite of the contest that's starting today and final will be shown on Saturday.

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