Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Congratulations to Robert Wells and Niclas Kings!

First successful results of Swedes on Eurovision-2010 were shown by Belorussian team with the help of Robert Wells (famous Swedish piano player and participant of Melodifestivalen-1987 and 2003) appearing in their performance as special guest. And the second proud result was achieved by Icelandic Hera Björk, her song was produced by Niclas Kings (man behind many hits of Kate Ryan and not only) who already updated Icelandic song in 2008 when Euroband also managed to qualify to the final and reached 14th place. Currently Hera's song along with Belgian and German ones can be found on high positions of different iTunes-charts across Europe.
You can see performances of Iceland and Belarus below and tomorrow we'll see another 4 songs (Azerbaijan, Ireland, Georgia, Denmark) written by Swedes and Sweden being represented by Anna Bergendahl in 2nd semifinal of contest. Don't forget to support your favorites!

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