Friday, May 14, 2010

Connect Marie back!

Seems like year before Swedish pop-princess Marie Serneholt asked to disconnect and un-attach her too realistically as Swedish audience understood it literally. Marie (ex-A-Teens, independent solo singer with amazing Top-10 debut album "Enjoy The Ride" that you need to listen right now if you didn't manage before and girl of Måns Zelmerlöw that you can see in post below) has made comeback with song "Disconnect Me" written by Peter Boström & Tony Nilsson for Melodifestivalen-2009. Though she entered as joker (special participant with the biggest attention to her and impressive backgound) she finished 6th in semifinal and single has peaked only on 46th place of Swedish chart, beautiful video also didn't help. After it comeback of Marie as pop-singer was hidden from public (though she told about new songs written with Tony Nilsson) and girl decided to try some new directions - she became SVT's Eurovision staff expert in show “Inför ESC 2010″, was a host of Swedish National Day and has made debut as artist in musical "Grease" along with Sebastian Karlsson (Idol-2005). Due to rumours she rejected offered song "Spinning" that was released in the end of last year by Gathania and currently "Disconnect Me" is promoted in the mix of Oscar Holter in Russia. But we're still waiting for your new stuff, Marie!!!
By the way Marie is diligent blogger, you can follow her active life here.

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Anonymous said...

really now, why did you have to go and say that there is a mix being promoted for disconnect me in russia, i cant even find a clip and now i need the mix!!!!! :O(

Damian said...

Actually as I see this promotion doesn't really help, mix was included in some compilations to be released in Russia but no sign on the radio, check it on SP-forum)