Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Victorious stuff from Benglet and Veltzing

If you didn't hear the story of this song it's quite simple but touching. Last year schlager-daddy Thomas G:Son gave a birth to the new schlager-anthem and has sent it to Melodifestivalen - the place where all (almost all) schlagers become legends but evil people didn't accept it and threw it out. How dramatical! Well, as long as this world has some hot schlager hearts beating these stories still can finish with happy ends. Two schlager-moms Linda Bengtzing and Jenny "Velvet" Pettersson adopted this pure child and has made it as glorious as only these faboulous ladies can. The story goes and we've got new really nice mix of this song!

3 коммент.:

Paul said...

Am loving this song. It's all sorts of glorious and deserves to be played loud and proud :) magnif!!

Damian said...

Oh yeah! Shame on me I needed some time to understand how brilliant it is.

Anonymous said...

Nice mix, but original version is much-much better! :)