Saturday, May 29, 2010

When Linda Bengtzing sang in Aqua and Bosson's skin was black and white...

I'd like to put your attention on one interesting show being popular in Sweden in 90s. Sure many of you know about Fame Factory (talent-show in the beginning of 00s) and artists which came from it (Linda Bengtzing, Sandra Oxenryd, Magnus Bäcklund, Mathias Holmgren...) but then many of these singers were already not newcomers for Swedish audience participating before in show "Sikta mot stjärnorna". The aim of participants was to imitate different big stars and the winner of every show qualified to the final. The winner of the final was sent to European final. In this amazing show you could see Sandra Oxenryd as Carola, Magnus Bäcklund as Tom Jones, Mathias Holmgren as Nick Kamen, Cecilia Vennersten as Mariah Carey, Caroline Wennergren as Ella Fitzgerald and you can also watch yourself performances of Linda Bengtzing doing Lene from Aqua, Shirley Clamp doing Maria McKee, Bosson as Michael Jackson and Date as Take That.

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