Sunday, April 3, 2011

Erik Linder - Bara du och jag (video)

Earlier this year Erik Linder has generously presented new single - beautiful acoustic ballad "Bara du och jag" completely for free before its official release. When time has come to pushing the song commercially sure some corresponding promo-steps were required and logically video as one of them.
Video for "Bara du och jag" would be just nice shot lovestory video about breaking out, hopes and sorrow if it wouldn't get amazing guest featuring it - smoking hot Elina from Timoteij! Schlager-unions are always pretty exciting things to follow, don't you think? Year ago Timoteij and Erik participated in the same semifinal of Melodifestivalen and though due to preliminary odds Erik was expected to qualify and Timoteij - to stay in semifinal it's turned to be completely opposite. However artists have become good friends and even have made this video together, what a beautiful couple it's turned to be! By the way new Timoteij's single "Het" is coming out on May 1st, mark it red in your calendars!

2 коммент.:

Poster Girl said...

What an lovely single cover--it certainly makes the song seem even better. The same is true for the video. It's not expensive-looking but the sweetness and sadness come through well regardless...and GREAT news about Timoteij!

Damian said...

I didn't even supose it can be Elina when I saw this cover before! Very beautiful couple, too beautiful not to believe their feelings are true though I can't say they are best actors in the world :)