Thursday, May 19, 2011

Linda Sundblad - Intim

Linda Sundblad has prepared absolutely unexpected surprise for all her fans - new single "Intim" will be released tomorrow and it's in Swedish!
After Linda's participation in this year's Melodifestivalen with absolutely fantastic song "Lucky You" that we consider as one of the best MF-2011 entries but which didn't make it to the final Linda has decided to try something completely new - to sing on her native language. Together with Elias Kapari they've recorded song that was planned to be sung by another artist who refused the song and on the other hand Linda realized that it connects pretty naturally to her own artistic personality so it was decided to release it from her name.
"Intim" is very pleasant electronic dance track that sounds like September on Swedish mixed with Robyn in some very happy and light combination, it's like nothing you heard from Linda before by sound but really her style by positive atmosphere she usually delivers.
From the other news, Linda with Elias recently worked on a new stuff for Ola and also Linda has recorded Christmas song to be released on Christmas compilation this year.

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