Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Casablanca Nights" of Johan Agebjörn

Swedish producer and songwriter Johan Agebjörn has just released album "Casablanca Nights". Honestly we didn't hear about Johan a lot before, previously he worked with Sally Shapiro and released some solo-singles which were noticed by audience but hardly could be called hits.
However with new tracks Johan has made many heads turning to his music and two of his recently presented tracks have definitely caught our attention as well.
First one is "Watch The World Go By" recorded with Le Prix Lake Heartbeat - brilliant dance-track sounding a lot like modern electro-version of old good italo-disco slightly reminding Planet Funk's earlier works (I should mention I adore Planet Funk!). And new single "The Last Day Of Summer" - collaboration with Ercola and Queen of Hearts, it's another electronic track with charming 80ies synth-sound and lovely retro-feeling, still modern and very stylish. If you'll check "Casablanca Nights" you'll discover that the most of tracks bring lovely 80ies atmosphere with its melodic synthpop sound, quite interesting work to discover.

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