Monday, May 16, 2011

Timoteij - Het

Finally new Timoteij's single "Het" is here in its full fabulousness and OH MY GOD I was right when I didn't want to judge it by sample!
"Het" is second "Kom" that debut Timoteij's album never had but should it have it? I guess no - as last year was completely all about "Kom" for girls and some another album's track playing on the same field as "Kom" would be completely overshadowed by Melodifestivalen glory.
The song starts with epic growing folk-passage turning to dramatic verse sticking directly even if you don't understand most of the lyrics or don't understand it at all, pure joy of huge chorus with powerful beat and fantastic melody, laidback sweet middle-eight and final blast with the last chorus and epic passage once again. That's how new Timoteij's new single sounds like.
Now I understand what Ken from Schlagerprofilerna said about his wish to see it at Melodifestivalen next year - it would be fantastic comeback but I'm sure we can wait even more from girls!

Lyssna: Het - Timoteij

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