Friday, December 2, 2011

Robin Stjernberg/Amanda Fondell - All This Way

You know around week ago I've written complaining post about what a huge disappointment this Idol has turned when selection stage was over with Moa Lignell being the only participant I see any perspective of career after Idol. In my opinion Moa, Amanda Persson and Robin Stjernberg were the biggest highlights of this season. However I was saving my post for the finalists to be defined and now when we've got them we've also got probably the most brilliant Idol winning single since Agnes' "Right Here Right Now" and one of my faves in the final so I forgive you Idol-2011 for everything I wasn't satisfied with.
Track "All This Way" was written by Darin and Arnthor Birgisson and is already released in two different versions of Amanda Fondell and Robin Stjernberg getting explosive uptempo-chorus with Adam Lambert-smelling expressive Robin's vocal and more calm, dramatical and jazzy Amanda's version which is also very beautiful.
Robin's version is so brilliant that looking at my post I feel like I'm too talkative to be so speechless like I have to be.

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Len said...

Wow, this is the rare Idol vinnerlåt that I could imagine doing well at Meloidfestivalen and Eurovision.