Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jonas Oakland - Where Were You Last Night

Swedish hardcore pop-fans should know Jonas Oakland, this new artist have come up with series of really nice electropop-goodies few years ago, he was also sending one of his previous tracks - BWO-breathing "Beat of My Heart" to Melodifestivalen but it wasn't accepted.
Right now Jonas releases his new single - cover of huge 80s hit - Ankie Bagger's "Where Were You Last Night" written by Tim Norell, Ola Håkansson and Alexander Bard (!!!) and it's becoming an amazing step from purely schlager-oriented stuff to modern dance-music with really tough production, no need to talk about melody as it's classics which just can't be a bad base for covers. To make video Jonas has got two hot dancers and Janssen Herr, director behind videos of Tingsek and Calaisa, now you can check the result right below.

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Rob said...

The song has radio and club hit potential. Unfortunately the video has many problems.
1. The parts when he is between the two dancers are cringe worthy.
2. The forehead+chin hiding close-ups don't look good at all.
3. The fact that the dancers have a great skin colour makes him look as pasty white as it gets.

Overall I think he needs a better haircut, wardrobe styling and a choreographer =/