Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Malena Ernman & Sarah Dawn Finer - Sankta Lucia (Strålande Helgonfé)

Two grand non-schlager ladies of schlager-land and just old good friends Malena Ernman and Sarah Dawn Finer have come up with a cover of classic "Sankta Lucia (Strålande Helgonfé)" on their new compilation "En Riktigt God Jul" where they've gathered their best previously released Christmas songs and logically have made a duo.
If you're wondering how opera-singer and soul-artist can fit each other - after listening to it you're gonna be wondering why it is the only duo of Malena and Sarah as the song sounds like two music worlds united by two powerful voices and magic, soulful atmosphere of Christmas.
You can listen to this track streaming online in wonderful Schlagerfiasko advent calendar (clicking at December 9th) where you're also gonna get some other Christmas goodies (like for example Swedish Stereo's song of this Christmas at December 3rd).

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