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Melodifestivalen-2012 songs are here!

List of songs and songwriters is revealed!!! What do we have here? Loads of excitement and some comments from us.
And updated with information from our friends Schlagerprofilerna.
Another update comes with a bunch of names from Aftonbladet - Loreen, Andreas Lundstedt, Helena Josefsson and Marie Serneholt.
Unfortunately Martin Rolinski, Magnus Carlsson, Erik Segerstedt and Eddie Razaz were left in reserve. Damn! We thought Martin, Erik and Eddie are the safest bets for MF-2012. However we know who's gonna make MF-2013 brilliant.

Aldrig Aldrig
(Niclas Lundin, Maria Marcus, Randy Goodrum)
Maria worked with Brandur lately but they also recorded duo with Niclas recently and Brandur doesn't sing Swedish.
Aftonbladet: Andreas Lundstedt

Allting blir bra igen
(Michael Sideridis)
Michael is vocalist of the band OPA!

Baby Doll
(Mårten Eriksson, Lina Eriksson, Susie Päivärinta)
Lili & Susie couldn't sing a song with this title, right? Or they could?
Schlagerprofilerna: Top Cats.

Det går för långsamt
(Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Niclas Lundin)
Team behind Sara Lumholdt's "Enemy"
Aftonbladet: Mimi Oh.

Don't Let Me Down
(Lasse Holm, Lars "Dille" Diedricson)
Two schlager-veterans - "I Did It For Love", "Jag tror på oss", "Jag ljuger så bra", etc.
Schlagerprofilerna: Christer Sjögren & Lotta Engberg.

(Thomas G:son, Peter Boström)
Thomas and Peter worked together on "I'm In Love".
Aftonbladet: Loreen.

Förlåt mig
(Mattias Andréasson)
Clearly EMD's Mattias back and as it was rumoured - with Swedish Oskar Linnros-sounding entry.

Ge aldrig upp
(Thomas Di Leva)
It will also be a huge surprise if the song won't be performed by Di Leva himself.

(Hanna Lindblad, Linda Sundblad, Tony Nilsson)
Hanna Lindblad and Linda Sundblad are back with Tony Nilsson, will it be Hanna who wanted to come back since participation in 2010? I don't believe Linda will be back as an artist though I'll be happy if it'll be her.
Schlagerprofilerna also says it's Hanna.

I din himmel
(Sonja Aldén, Bobby Ljunggren, Peter Boström)
Comeback of Sonja Alden that is gonna be incredibly exciting with Peter Boström in team.

I mina drömmar
(Nanna Svensdóttir, Thomas Cars)
Webjoker-winner Maria BenHanjji.

I Want To Be Chris Isaak
(The Moniker)
The Moniker promised to come back and here he is.

Jag reser mig igen
(Thomas G:son, Ted Ström)
Thorsten Flinck should be here.

Just A Little Bit
(RedOne Team)
Love Generation are back as well.

Land Of Broken Dreams
(Thomas G:son, Thomas "Plec" Johansson)
Piec worked with some metal-bands like Implode so with G:Son it can be Dynazty.

(Andreas Johnson, Peter Kvint)
Andreas Johnson is back solo again or with Niklas Strömstedt as Hagsätra Sport?
Schlagerprofilerna expects Andreas solo.

(Fredrik Andersson, Björn Ranelid)
We haven't found anything interesting about music credits of these people.
Schlagerprofilerna: Björn Ranelid.

(Pontus Hjelm)
Song from Dead By April's founder.

(Björn Olsson, Martin Elisson)
Martin is vocalist of indie-band Bad Cash Quartet, they worked together on songs with Björn.
Aftonbladet: Anna Järvinen.

På väg
(Abalone Dots (Rebecka Hjukström, Sophia Hogman, Louise Holmer), Viktor Källgren)
Would be weird if it wouldn't be performed by Abalone Dots, right?

Salt & Pepper
Lina Eriksson, Mårten Eriksson, Figge Boström
Afro-Dite worked with Figge on rumoured "In The Club"-light entry.
Aftonbladet: Marie Serneholt.

(Michael Clauss, Martin Bjelke)
Michael worked with absolutely different by genres entries - Live Forever, Mama Take Me Home, Ingen mår så bra som jag. So maybe Magnus Carlsson?
Aftonbladet: Helena Josefsson and Сarolina Wallin Pérez tried it.

Sean Den Förste Banan
(Sean Banan, Joakim Larsson, Hans Blomberg, Mårten Andersson)
Comic act Sean Banan enters competition.

(Ulrik Munther, Johan Åberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, David Jackson)
Seems like Christer Björkman has managed to negotiate with Ulrik and his songwriting team.

Stormande hav
(Kristian Lagerström, Johan Fjellström, Stina Engelbrecht, Jens Engelbrecht)
Timoteij's and Anna Bergendahl's songwriters has made an entry for Timoteij with Sarek musicians.

The Boy Can Dance
(Figge Boström, Catrine Loqvist, Johan Lindman)
Another Figge Boström's entry who by the way was behind "Spring för livet" and "You're My World" and together with Johan they've written No Angels' big hit "Still in Love with You".
Schlagerprofilerna: Afro-Dite.

The Girl
(Fredrik Kempe, Alexander Johnsson)
Fredrik Kempe here and in the latest entry below and we had three rumours about Fredrik's songs - the first about H.e.a.t, the second about new boy band co-created by MF-dancer Thomas Benstem and the third about Charlotte Perrelli.
Schlagerprofilerna: Charlotte Perrelli with modern uptempo.

To the Sky
(Fernando Fuentes, Tony Nilsson, Danny Saucedo, Peter Boström, Figge Boström)
It can be Danny or it can be Afro-dite but combination of Fernando + Tony ("Like Suicide") and Danny with Peter and Figge ("In The Club") is just something too exciting!
Schlagerprofilerna: Danny with a dance-track.

Kyss mig
(Axel Algmark, Mattias Frändå, Jonathan Magnussen)
Axel Algmark competed in Svensktoppen nästa 2011 with this song.

Why Am I Crying
(Molly Sandén, Aleena Gibson, Windy Wagner)
Molly Sandén is back with songwriter of her newest single Aleena Gibson and Windy Wagner who worked with Britney Spears ("Shattered Glass") among others.

Why Start A Fire
(Lisa Miskovsky, Aleksander With, Bernt Rune Stray, Berent Philip Moe)
Norwegian Idol winner Alexander With helps in writing Lisa Miskovsky's song.

(Fredrik Kempe, David Krüger)
H.e.a.t., Thomas Benstem band, Charlotte or anyone else exciting.
Schlagerprofilerna believes in Thomas Benstem's boy band.

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Anonymous said...

when we will know the singers for sure?Tell me what is Schlaegerprofilerna?

Anonymous said...

And no Helena Paparizou?!

Broken said... Anton.. Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad?

Damian said...

Schlagerprofilerna is incredibly informative blog about Melodifestivalen, it's in Swedish but if you're into Melodifestivalen you just have to follow it.
Seems like no Helena this year.

Yes, Broken. Anton who has written "Det går för långsamt" is Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad from Le Kid.

Anonymous said...

We have to hear the songs...but the main rival of Charlotte could be Danny:).Anyway I will write an article tonight:)

Damian said...

I'm not sure they'll be the biggest faves this time. I believe Ulrik will be and maybe Dead By April.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lisa's song is duet with Aleksander?

Anonymous said...

Well I also find it a little hard to believe that CHarlotte has such a great song...but when she came back in 2008 she said that during those 9 years(between 99-2008) she received many offers but turned them down.And she thought Hero is a great song...and it was.So, I don't believe she has a weak song:)...we'll see

Damian said...

I also think it's gonna be great but can't guarantee. Now her aim isn't to win but to succeed and to bring herself back to Swedish pop-stage.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't she been lately on the media?

Damian said...

Not sure what you exactly mean.

Anonymous said...

Rephrase:Why is her aim to bring herself back to Swedish pop-stage?Has she dissapered from there?

Damian said...

If you're MF-artist you should participate to sell your new album well ;)

Anonymous said...

what a great idea:)).until february is plenty of time to wait:)

Damian said...

Yep. I'll try to entertain you with some meloupdates this year again while waiting.