Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mando Diao - Christmas Could Have Been Good

Pretty unexpected Christmas single from Mando Diao "Christmas Could Have Been Good" have become one of the most beautiful Christmas songs released in Sweden this year (and maybe not only this year).
Currently band prepares release of compilation "Greatest Hits Volume 1" collecting 22 best tracks of the first 10 years of group's existance ("Dance with Somebody", "Gloria", etc.) and it will be out in January. Compilation will also get Deluxe-version and DVD with 18 videos and film from Mando Diao's ”Ode To Ochrays”-tour, so band's fans will get loads of nice presents very soon.
"Christmas Could Have Been Good" is utterly pleasant mix of retro-atmosphere in an orchestral strings wrap and warm vibrating vocals, very peaceful and charming in a Christmas way.

Lyssna: Mando Diao - Christmas Could Have Been Good

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