Sunday, June 3, 2012

E-Type - Campione 2012 (Bassflow and RedTop Remake)

Some fresh, or to be more exact refreshed, music from E-Type who has made a big comeback on Swedish TV last autumn presenting a series of his covers on Så Mycket Bättre. They haven't become as big as Laleh's ones but still E-Type's fans have got a bit of everything from all Martin's music periods in this works and something to load pleayer with.
Before European Football Championship to be held this year in Ukraine E-Type brings back official anthem of championship in 2000 - "Campione" in a form of remake from Bassflow and RedTop. Basically this is not miles away from original version but has a properly updated dance production that absolutely can work in 2012. You can listen to a snippet of the single here.

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