Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Royal Concept EP

Band I'm going to talk about can be called phenomenal only because of changing their title with every new release. Well, firstly it was Concept Store that we've noticed with one of our most favorite singles of 2010 "Damn!", later in 2011 it was renamed to The Concept when guys have released worthy follow-up "D-D-Dance" and another track "Gimme Twice" from the family of life loving pop tracks.
Now band gets a new title The Royal Concept and releases their debut EP and the brand new single "World On Fire" - more electronic-based song delivering another band's happy pop-tune that we're instantly falling for.
Surprisingly we haven't found this one on Soundcloud-preview of EP though we've found another diamond "In The End" quite different from the rest of The Royal Concept's stuff - rock-ballad starting with minimalistic piano intro growing to epic choruses with a big beat. You can check EP here and watch the preview of "Gimme Twice" video to be out on June 19th below.

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