Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hagsätra Sport - Hagsätra IP

When Melodifestivalen-period is left behind (at least till the next Spring) Andreas Johnson comes back to the project he has started with Niklas Strömstedt last year.
Their duo Hagsätra Sport have recorded official Olympic Games-2012 anthem of Sweden "Hagsätra IP" which is already physically released including band's previous track "Idag Kommer Aldrig Mer" and guys' big hits "Oslagbara!" and "Glorious" as a bonus.
"Hagsätra IP" is a careless soft pop-rock track that feels like a nice summerish bridge between Andreas' "A Little Bit Of Love" and "Lovelight".

Lyssna: Hagsätra Sport - Hagsätra IF

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