Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Molly Sandén feat. Christopher - A Little Forgiveness

May premiere I've missed during my ESC-vacation. Molly Sandén's album "Unchained" which has rightfully made Top-5 has included a duo "A Little Forgiveness" with Danish singer Christopher who actively promotes his own stuff in Denmark since the last autumn.
Song was written by Aleena Gibson standing behind "Spread a Little Light" and "Why Am I Crying" and yes, it's a balad but again this is completely another sort of ballad. When "Spread a Little Light" had pop-rock sound and "Why Am I Crying" was pure Leona Lewis-inspired pop "A Little Forgiveness" is a ballad wrapped in a heavy electronic layers and it's the most dramatic track out of this family. You know that Molly can delivers drama perfectly so we were happy to know that Christopher isn't bad in it at all. Guys' voices have become wonderfully fit for each others and they've proved it live in Nyhetsmorgon. You can also check Molly's performace of "Why Am I Crying" and the title-track of the album "Unchained".

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