Saturday, June 9, 2012

Erik Hassle - Back Under Water

One album per year, I love how productive Erik Hassle is!
Erik's new album "We Dance" is out on July 4th and the first song we've got from it during Christmas holidays was "Stay" that was released only this Spring. However here's another following single "Back Under Water" that Erik teases us with. Pretty unexpectable synthpop-track with very warm sing-a-long pop-chorus. You can listen to it on the video below starting from 1.07.
Another song from the new album is "Feather Rain" presented in Nyhetsmorgon recently. Also more funk-sounding track than you can expect from Erik. New album is promising to be one big experiment for Mr. Hassle but I don't have a doubt it will contain a lot of brilliant pop-stuff.


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