Friday, June 29, 2012

Chechen feat. Carli - EPA

I usually don't write about this sort of electronic music that feels a bit experimental, a bit too simple but which shoots in Sweden very well sometimes. So I didn't plan to write about this song when I've heard it for the first time. But if the song keeps rolling in your head few days it's the sign you should infect someone else with it.
Frej Larsson, Linus Eklöw and Carli Löf have come up with a common project to release the single "EPA" which sounds like some folk-tune wrapped in a modern electro-sound performed in a special melancholic manner that makes magic with a dancing apathetic girl in indian feathers. You're addicted from the first listen so think twice before clicking play button.

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Anonymous said...

Unni håkansson is also part of chechen, and the singer- and the girl in the video.