Saturday, June 23, 2012

The FullRange Project - Electric Boogie Nightz

One good friend of mine has recently given me a tip that I find quite interesting to share.
Tony Nilsson isn't unknown name for Swedish pop-fans - "Natalie", "The Queen", "Headlines" "Lovekiller", "Hit The Lights", "Like Suicide"... For the last five years Tony had a lot of big hits and his latest "Shout It Out" for David Lindgren is one of the few Melodifestivalen-2012 survivors still holding position in singles chart.
Probably you heard a sneak peak of Tony's solo-career with pre-Ola version of "Natalie" but I suppose you didn't know about Tony's The FullRange Project he had a single "Electric Boogie Nightz" and even a video out with back in 2004. Anyway here it is sounding pretty Ola meets Secret Service. It doesn't have the level of Tony's latest pop-masterpieces but it's good and after all it's interesting to check the stuff some established artists and songwriters have grown from.

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