Saturday, June 30, 2012

Annikafiore - Crying At the Discoteque

Well, well, well! As I was telling yesterday new Annikafiore's EP with remixes "Recovered" has included her two solo-versions of Alcazar's track "Crying At the Discoteque" the band has got a worldwide fame with. Top-10 hit in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Finland and Top-20 in UK, Spain, Austria, Australia, Netherlands and just a #29 in Swedish chart? Ok, Sweden has praised the band with loads of love later.
Back to Annikafiore, today you can pre-listen her versions from Antti and Giuseppe Piol Piol and buy them here. If the first has become more disco-house-sounding, the second has got a raggae relaxed atmosphere.
As a bonus I'd like to attach - video of the first Alcazar's line-up performing at the festival in Italy. Do you believe more than 10 years have passed?

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