Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week of europhoria

Shame on me I haven't written anything about euphoric 5th Eurovision victory of Sweden yet. Was I overloaded with Euphoria during 2 weeks in Baku Crystall Hall? Absolutely not, this is unbeatable best song of 2012 in my list and my favorite Eurovision winner ever. Buzz around Loreen in press-center was incredible, but I was lucky enough to even make a short interview with Loreen for esckaz.com I worked with (and hope I will next year in Stockholm). Loreen is incredibly warm and down-to-earth person, I've felt like I'm speaking with an old friend just in a few seconds. I was lucky enough to also catch wonderful Euphoria-songwriters Peter Boström and Thomas G:Son, to make interiew with Andrés Esteche who worked as a press and revealed that initially "Cara Mia" was offered to him (and he also tried "Om Natten") (but he didn't like it initially and realized he was wrong afterwards) and also I've met very nice and fridnly Edward af Sillén who was incredibly happy and proud about Lynda Woodruff's quotes across press-center. Hope you haven't missed Edward's greetings card for Andreas Lundstedt's 40-years anniversary from Baku?
Back to Loreen, she has immediately joined commercial success of Alexander Rybak and Lena Meyer-Landrut in charts. The day after the final "Euphoria" she was #1 on iTunes in 22 countries. She has become #1 in basic charts of Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Germany and Norway (already reaching it in Sweden and Finland before), Euphoria has already become Top-3 in Belgium, Estonia, Israel, Netherlands, Scotland and even UK - which is the biggest ESC-success in years. Currently Loreen makes a winning tour across Europe, she has visited UK, Germany (you can watch her wonderful performance there below), Ibiza and going to France. Whole summer she'll be making a series of 30-minutes gigs across Sweden and after releasing the album in September (with plans of new single coming out in August) she'll be doing a full-mode big tour. Sweden loves Loreen and below you can also watch Stockholm meeting its winner!
Personally I want to add thanks to Loreen for giving me those incredible goosebumps and losing my breath when listening to her during rehearsal in acoustics of empty arena, I can hardly compare those feelings with anything else experienced in my life so I'm very thankful to this phenomenal singer for those wonderful minutes of my life. Congratulations Loreen and congratulations Sweden!

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Ekaterina said...

А не будет ли ей потом трудно? Вот артист, который так взлетел с одной из трех своих песен, как он потом сможет строить карьеру дальше? От нее будут ждать только суперматериала. Сможет она не уронить планку? Уж слишком сногсшибательный успех...

Damian said...

Будет ровно настолько трудно, насколько трудно любому шлягер-артисту без МФ. То есть очень. Насколько бы ни был хорош твой материал, на фоне того взрыва и шоу, которое ты устраиваешь на МФ, последующие песни уже воспринимаются более блекло. Потому мелоартисты начинают менять формат, чтобы начать с нуля, чтобы не ассоциироваться с собой старыми на МФ. Вот и Лорен, я думаю, через пару лет постарается вернуться совершенно другая. А какая, и пойдет ли её материал - это очень сложно предсказывать)