Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carl Chapal - Fuel

Always great to discover talatented Idol artists from the past starting worthy solo-career after the show.
Carl Chapal was one of participants who hasn't made it to final stage in 2009, it was probably the toughest year but he has started working on solo-stuff and has released the single "Water" last year. The track has become a soft electronic modern-ballad, not what usually directly hits pop-fans hearts but Carl fixes it with a new EP "Fuel" including 3 awesome pop-tracks - summerish party-track "Fuel My Fire", explosive radio-friendly dance-anthem "Own The Night" performed in duo with Paula Lobos and big "Halo"-smelling pop-ballad "K.O".
"Water" was also included but it's all about "Own The Night" for me, why isn't this song international hit yet?

Own The Night-Carl Chapal feat. Paula Lobos by CarlChapal
K.O by CarlChapal

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