Friday, June 1, 2012

Youngblood - American Girlfriend (video)

How I supposed in my previous post Youngblood's debut album it's gonna be charting quite long this year and it spends already 11th week in chart not going to leave.
In the first day of summer guys present the video for another song from their album as their new summer hit, it's "American Girlfriend" and it's very logical choise being probably the best track of the album. Surprisingly video was shot ouside but not in US - band was filming it in London and has turned to contain proper quantity of fun in a classic boy band style.

2 коммент.:

Ekaterina said...

Как ты почти всегда ухитряешься не высказать личного мнения?:)

Damian said...

Ну почему ж?) Мое личное мнение - правильный выбор сингла, одна из лучших песен с альбома.