Thursday, June 7, 2012

X3M feat. Pandora - Drottningen av Åland

Today (after yesterday's premiere) we get a new track from Pandora, though isn't it great when the artist works in a full creative mode?
This time Pandora has recorded song in Swedish "Drottningen av Åland" with X3M, the song was produced by JS16 who worked on Pandora's single "You Woke My Heart" and has made a remix to "Why" so the artist performs in her comfortable eurodance-area her fans will absolutely accept. And you know what? It's another track you can download absolutely for free here ad also watch a big party video below. Loads of summer presents from Pandora this year.

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Anonymous said...

And if you want some hardcore info... X3M is a finnish swedish radio station based in Helsinki/Vaasa, and all the dancers in the video are hosts for different programs on the radio channel. The rapper (Janne Grönroos) is a morning host on X3M, and the wierdly dressed man in the video is a very succesful finnish swedish comedian (Ted Forsström). :D

Anonymous said...

FYI: X3M is Radio X3M, a youth channel in Swedish at Yle, The Finnish Broadcasting Company. All the people in the video (except Pandora of course) work at the station. Including the rapper, who otherwise goes by the name Janne Grönroos and is one of the hosts on the channels morning program. Check this site: