Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nationaldagen-2012 with Sonja Alden, Hanna Lindblad and Panetoz

Season of tv-concerts in Skansen has started today when Sweden was celebrating its National Day. Before watching it you should realize that it's more about summer atmosphere in Sweden rather than loads of hits and highest pop-elite. If you're lazy to watch a whole concert here are some highlights of it:
8.11 - Sonja Aldén performing Lars Winnerbäck's "Stockholmskyss" in a nice dansband-schlager way.
27.58 - Thomas Stenström singing his new song "Full Av Liv" which hasn't become my cup of tea but you should check this artist anyway, he gets a heavy promotion and probably will be bigger in Sweden soon.
32.03 - "Gabriellas Sång" by Hanna Lindblad who seems to never suffer from Melodifestivalen-flops making. Lady just go and find another success on TV, in theater, pop-career is postponed but it's just a matter of time, right?
47.28 - Louise Hoffsten singing old Alice Babs' hit "Rengtunga Skyar".
53.00 - Panetoz who have made medley of their #1 "Dansa Pausa" and Swedish classics "Deirdres Samba" and have actually lived this party up. That was nice watching Royal family being into this performance.

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