Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pandora - Kom Igen!

More artists try to make a contribution before the start of European Football Championship this year. The first was E-Type with a remake of his old hit "Campione", now we have Pandora who releases her unofficial Euro anthem of Sweden ”Kom igen!” that she has written with Joakim Säreborn. The song was produced by not less than Niclas Kings and it's a big sport anthem powdered with traditional schlager-sound. Not what you could found on Pandora's latest album but it's cheerful, light and worthy.
By the way you can download it for free on Pandora's site.

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Ekaterina said...

Господи, до чего умилительное видео:)) Я почти забыла,что пришла послушать песню:)) Кстати, не впечатляет как-то...Песня-то