Saturday, June 23, 2012

Niki & The Dove at Sinding Sessions

Niki & The Dove has taken a part in SVT's live-project "Sinding Sessions" making beautifuly shot mini-gig with some of their best music pieces "The Drummer", "DJ, Ease My Mind", "Mother Protect", "The Fox" and "Tomorrow", TV-viewers have also got a chance to watch a whole process of making this gig meeting artists.
Right before release of band's debut album "Instinct" in May guys have also presented whole album online and I can already say it's gonna be one of the best Swedish albums this year, the most fresh and innovative so far for sure.
Below you can watch Niki & The Dove making nice a bit Björk-sounding performance of "Mother Protect" and beautiful ballad version of "Tomorrow". Watch the whole gig here.

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