Monday, June 25, 2012

Loreen at MTV World Stage

Loreen has become a real fierce of MTV World Stage festival held last week in Göteborg. And like a proper upcoming European star she has made performances of all her songs anything but ordinary, all three released hits "My Heart Is Refusing Me", "Sober" and "Euphoria" were performed in special versions. "Euphoria" has got a big drums intro and was finished as a hard electro-mix. "Sober" has turned to an utterly dramatic pop-rock song and "MHIRM" was presented in live-session dreamy version.
All we have is videos recorded by public so I could only choose videos of the most appropriate quality of what we have. But it's still worth watching or at least listening.
The event is said to be aired on MTV internationally later this year but I can't find official information when.

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