Monday, December 20, 2010

Swingfly feat. Franklie - Rags To Riches

WOW! Second Melodifestivalen artist's interactive premiere!
Before we told you about ability to shoot new video with Linda Sundblad for a song "I'm a Star" and now Swingfly has presented brand new single "Rags To Riches" featuring Franklie and again you can participate in new music video yourself.
If you heard some previous works of Swingfly you know that he likes to mix different styles and directions in music, so "Rags To Riches" is not exception and when you meet rap-verses flavoured with guitar-riffs and electro sound and start to think that it's another hip-hop track here you face blasting chorus with brilliant pop-rock tune you completely didn't expect but it sounds as perfect as best Swedish pop-chorus can be. In video you'll see well-known schlager-faces Rigo, Christer Björkman and... sure you! Brilliant single that you can listen below and make your video here.

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