Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lavin - Away For The Summer

One of the most aesthetically beautiful debuts of the year is delievered by fresh project Lavin with single "Away For The Summer".
Hampus Öfwerman and Martin Norström are halves of rock-duo Lavin from Taby playing mostly some classic forms of teen-rock and looking for their own style and probably they've found it with "Away For The Summer" - beautiful modern piano-based ballad with beat we'd like to compare with Ryan Tedder style but we won't as original melody in melancholic but warm style with dramatic vocal line in heartbreaking manner of male Imogen Heap makes whole pack sounding like nothing we can compare with but it's definitely breakthrough in Swedish music, something unique we'd like to get more and hopefully it's not the last time we hear about this band.
You can check some other Lavin's songs on their Myspace page and watch video for "Away For The Summer" below, but I'll recommend you to listen song before - it has better quality and it's a song you should better get by ears than by eyes.

3 коммент.:

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Great song!!!

Anonymous said...

I like both the video and the song. The song is actually fantastic. I love it.

Lois said...

Indeed, this one was fantastic!