Thursday, December 9, 2010


Charlotte Perrelli, Sarah Dawn Finer, Magnus Carlsson and Peter Jöback - isn't it too much for one Christmas show?
Stjärnklart tour with pure gold of Swedish schlager-elite is rolling around country and though we can't be there we can taste how it looks in video-cut from Charlotte Perreli's blog. This woman always knows how to amaze her fans and this is what amazes us in this video the most:

- Charlotte and Peter in cabaret gang making "All That Jazz".
- gorgeous jazz-version of Charlotte's "Tusen Och En Natt" in a sexual dress and with unbelievable shape standing back to public.
- Charlotte performing Shirley Bassey's "This is my life" covered with a monster feather fans.
- Sarah Dawn Finer, Peter Jöback and Magnus Carlsson singing "The Show Must Go On" and I just say OH MY GOD! How great Sarah sounds!!! She was born to make this cover!
- Charlotte's disco-party with mashup of "Hush Hush" and "I Will Survive" in glittering dresses and pointing moves.
- Magnus Carlsson driving public with "Kom Hem".
- Sarah Dawn Finer in golden dress with "Bad Romance" (Yes! You read right, Sarah making Gaga!!!).
- Charlotte with another great mashup of "We Need a Hero" and her own "Hero".

If this cut not shot professionally from hall looks so great how would it be to watch full concert?! If you're in Sweden you still have a chance to watch tour programme on Stjärnklart site and get your ticket.

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