Monday, December 27, 2010

Eric Saade - Still Loving It

Eric Saade presents brand new single "Still Loving It" from his second album planned for next Summer!
2010 was really Eric's year, Melodifestivalen has made him huge star in Sweden and during Summer he was invited to all biggest Swedish TV-shows and loads of fans were really glad to know that Eric will try luck on Melodifestivalen next year again with another Fredrik Kempe's song "Popular" that due to promises will be even better and show will be much more complicated and expensive. Just like year before when Eric presented his "Sleepless" before the contest this time he has premiered new song that will be released in connection with his participation in Disney channel Christmas show.
"Still Loving It" is written by Eric, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad and Niclas Lundin (trio behind Eric's "Why Do We Need Fashion!?" and Anton with Niclas also have written Melodifestivalen song for Sara Lumholdt), it's modern dynamic ballad starting with piano goosebumps giving intro progressing with r'n'b beat and pre-chorus boysband backing vocals to crazy epic chorus and it keeps growing and growing to ecstatic final choruses. You didn't hear anything like this from Eric before and you just have to check it right now!

2 коммент.:

Paul said...

GASP! A new Eric track! And more for melodifestivalen?! I'm in heaven. This is a lot darker and electro than his pop efforts of past but i'm loving it (excuse the pun). So glad he's whizzing onto album two rather than making me wait :)

Damian said...

This is truly promising start of new year for Eric and he can't do worse than he did in 2010, this is his way to attach on Swedish pop-stage and Melodifestivalen results will mean a lot. It's gonna be more interesting story :)