Thursday, December 23, 2010

G2 feat. Kurt Nilsen - I Know You Know Why

Country genre has shown this year with Lady Antebellum's success that it still has international potential and Sweden was not exception with its diamonds following this style and here's one of it - G2.
G2 means Generation 2 - when it was formed 4 years ago band members Christoffer Olsson, Jens Koch, Erik Igelström, Tobias Strömberg and Jimmy Sunnebrandt have found out that everyone's father or uncle played bluegrass and country music though this is not the only thing making this title proper for G2 but their music as well sounds pretty fresh appealing to younger audience.
Band has managed to release their debut album "Where The Tall Grass Grows" and was awarded #1 European Bluegrass Band in 2007 and month ago they released brand new album "Untapped Routes" containing their new single "Conwy" that you can download here for free and duet with Norwegian Idol winner Kurt Nielsen and I'd like to present you this track as the best track of the album due to my opinion.
"I Know You Know Why" is country-ballad track sounding like if you take Idol-winning power-ballad and try to lull it with banjos and silky male vocal singing in a country manner. Final product is truly mellifluous thing and you can check it yourself below.

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