Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rebound - Not Helpless (RINK's If Only You Knew Remix)

This Winter's going to be full of creative activity and plans for Rebound, it's "like a hurricane" and it starts today!
New RINK's If Only You Knew remix for their latest single "Not Helpless" was released followed by brand new video where you can watch mini-Rebound cheering up the crowd of contemporaries with this great track. Talking about mix - it's turned to be much more interesting than just remix, it sounds like completely new version of original song combining Robyn-smelling electro-pop production with more dancey beat but not losing original brilliant pop-tune, final product sounds like a hit and hopefully it will become hit! You can watch video here.
Soon we'll hear completely new single "Psycho" and this time we're finally gonna get music video with real Rebound, you can check "making video" clip with a small piece of the song right below and it seems like Rebound keeps their direction of modern pop with bigger urban touch and heavier electro-arrangement, very promising!

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Anonymous said...

Links dead, here's the new one:

Damian said...

Hmmm, so weird, thank you for informing me!