Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jay Smith wins Swedish Idol-2010

Jay Smith and Minnah Karlsson have met this year in the final battle of Swedish Idol, battle to get a new winner in 7-years history of the show and though due to different polls and odds Jay was huge favorite Minnah still was a dark horse of the show who was expected to leave the contest almost every of the last 6-7 weeks but she managed to surprise again and again constantly growing and here we got Minnah in the final!
Firstly contestants performed songs they've chosen themselves and when Jay performed Creed's "Higher" that looked more like static rock-performance in a way and sound Jay performed before Idol, Minnah has decided to bring more dynamic show with Gwen Steffani's "What You Waiting For?" - moves, lights, glitter and massive choreography that impressed jury much more. Second part of the show was performing songs chosen by audience and it was quite obvious choise of Minnah's "Twist and Shout" and Jay's "Like a Prayer" - both performances unfortunately looked weaker being presented not in especially hard times for Minnah and Jay they used to initially (Jay's problems with drugs and Minnah's comeback after elimination) but it wa time for Jay to get huge audience response. But finally it came to singing winning ballad "Dreaming People" written this year by Svante Halldin, Jakob Hazell, Sharon Vaughn and Christian Walz and though Minnah sang it like a real Idol-ballad, like it had to sound from touching start to huge culmination when Jay turned it more to rock-ballad nothing could stop him already and Jay became new winner of the Idol getting chance to release album with his Idol-covers already this Friday but Minnah has got this chance as well and her album will be released two days later on Sunday. Both artist has got their new sites (site of Jay, site of Minnah) and Jay's version of "Dreaming People" has already got #1 on Swedish iTunes.

Jay Smith - Higher
Minnah Karlsson - What You Waiting For?
Jay Smith - Like A Prayer
Minnah Karlsson - Twist And Shout
Jay Smith - Dreaming People
Minnah Karlsson - Dreaming People

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Paul said...

I was pleased with both finalists but surprisingly sad that Minnah didn't win. Still I suspect she will do well enough on her own and hopefully produce a rather brilliant non-covers album in 2011...

Damian said...

We'll be waiting, she has a big potential to become amazing pop-diva, she just needs to find her unique direction and try-try, she's talented, strong and charismatic, what else is necessary?