Sunday, December 19, 2010

Full Christmas pack from Erik Hassle

As you probably remember earlier this year Erik Hassle released EP "The Hassle Sessions: Volume One" - collection of significant songs in Erik's life covered in his own manner. Songs were recorded during his tour around US and UK - from some prestiogious studios to records on laptop in tour bus. It's not those hit-singles with Erik's bleeding heart dramatical keys shooting straight to masses of radio-listeners like his solo-stuff but relaxed mostly acoustic soul-experiments that served this Summer very well for fans waiting for a new Erik's music. Highlight of EP is Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" - the most sincere work with that touching tragical Erik's intonation we've fallen for 2 years ago. You can taste all tracks from EP below.

If you never had ability to see Erik live P3 Live provides opportunity to listen his Autumn concert in Sundsvall combining some old beloved hits (Don't Bring Flowers After I'm Dead, Wanna Be Loved, Love Me To Pieces, Hurtful) and relatively new tracks (Taken (Still In My Blood), Standing Where You Left Me, If It Takes All Night). Listen whole set here, you can trust us - Erik is among those artists trying to give live performances sounding not less interesting than studio records so his gig is really worth listening.

Recently Erik performed at Christmas show in Denmark performing his biggest hit "Hurtful" with local star Stine with orchestral goosebumps-giving arrangement and voices of both artists working amazing together!

Oh!!! And finally a small Christmas gift from Erik here.

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