Monday, December 27, 2010

Idol runner-up Minnah Karlsson releases debut album

Idol-2010 runner-up Minnah Karlsson has released her self-titled compilation "Minnah Karlsson" with covers from Idol. The winner Jay Smith's album was sold platinum for less than week debuting at #1 of album chart (when his "Dreaming People" was first Swedish Idol winning song not debuting at #1 ever - it has debuted at #3) so let's see how high Minnah's album will be able to climb.
Minnah as Jay had qute a lot of highlights on the show and compilation contains maximum of them. I'll be missing "Paparazzi", "Ambitions" and especially "What you waiting for?". Though, no, Pixie Lott's "Here We Go Again" and "Dreaming People" more but they weren't meant to be on the album from the beginning. Minnah's album includes both fresh hits like "Whataya want from me", "Just the way you are" and "When love takes over" (their arrangements are almost untouched comparing with originals so only Minnah's voice is tasty decoration of these works) and classic stuff like "Always on my mind", "Total eclipse of the heart", "Everything I do I do it for you" and "Alone" and here you can hear some surprising changes, for example "Everything I do I do it for you" was wrapped in more actual beat making it sound like modern ballad and ballad-part was completely deleted from "Alone" but the song hasn't lost at all becoming strong radio-pop-rock-track (one of the strongest album tracks that would be great to get as separate single). Sure the biggest Minnah's moment of Idol with "Twist and Shout" is on compilation as well and though visually crazy retro-style Minnah is much more interesting but still she's completely in this record - twisting, shouting and making smile you wide. "Piece of my heart" from auditions and "Not ready to make nice" released earlier on Idol-compilations were also included in tracklist.
Today Minnah came to Aftonbladet studio to perform her Idol-hit "Not ready to make nice" and "Mama Do" of Pixie Lott - how great was to hear cover of Pixie that provided "Here We Go Again" presenting Minnah on auditions like that charming and funny girl with rock-voice that audience has fallen in love with and girl that hopefuly will make long music career after this very first but memorable step.

Whataya want from me
Twist and Shout
Just the way you are
Always on my mind
Calleth you, cometh I
Total eclipse of the heart
When love takes over
Everything I do I do it for you
Piece of my heart
Not ready to make nice

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Paul said...

i think my favourite is Another Piece Of My Heart because I could listen to that song over and over regardless of who sings it. I am of course loving Twist and Shout, but also a bit partial to Just The Way You Are. I like how the female vocal makes it a bit different. What i am really looking forward to is her own album of original songs. now that could be amazing!

Alexander said...

She is flawlesss. I hope we get a really good, original album from her next year. I think she could be the next Agnes, not doing dance music perhaps but soft rock/pop.

Damian said...

Paul though I've heard Another Piece Of My Heart million times I've discovered it in Minnah's performance, the same with Twist and Shout. I would never thought I can keep this song playing days :)

I completely agree Alexander. I think it's gonna be hard for her to breakthrough as Sweden is overfed with good pop and amazing artists so she needs to find something really unique. And I really hope she'll find it. Probably she needs Melodifestivalen push.