Saturday, December 4, 2010

September night in Så mycket bättre

September already second week holds the first place of Swedish chart with her new hit "Mikrofonkåt", but this week her comeback single "Resuscitate Me" has also made debut in chart but only on #45 though.
Great way to keep public dragging more of September's previous hits to iTunes chart was to show September's evening in "Så mycket bättre" show last Saturday so that time all participants were making covers on her songs.
Thomas Di Leva has delievered indie-version of the biggest international September hit "Cry for you". Petter's gone raggae sampling Petra's voice from "Satellite" with nice summer-pop feeling. Lill-Babs' blues cover was one of the most unexpected performances "Looking for love" and afterwards Petra joined Lill-Babs making this cover even more amazing. Plura otherwise has made expected guitar-pop cover of Petra's first hit "La La La (Never Gonna Give It Up)" sounding a lot like his previous covers. Lasse Berghagen revealed that it was oficially first time he was singing in English and performed cover for "Because I love you" that will be included in compilation of Så mycket bättre. Another cover to be released on forthcoming compilation is Christer Sandelin's "Can't get over" that was as well real highlight of the evening in anthemic a bit ABBAesque cover with beautiful piano part and dynamic instrumental part in common.
This weekend Petra had to make cover herself as it was Plura's evening and Petra delievered pretty amazing electropop cover for "Kärlekens tunga" that together with "Mikrofonkåt" and "Vem ska jag tro på?" will be included in compilation. Lill-Babs went ballad with "Håll huvudet högt", Petter was rapping with "Fulla för kärlekens skull", Christer Sandelin was rocking with "Pojkar pojkar pojkar", Lasse Berghagen made pleasant retro-cover of "Somliga går i trasiga skor" and Thomas Di Leva presented melodic and expressive pop-rock cover of "Kungarna från Broadway".

Christer Sandelin - Can't get over
Thomas Di Leva - Cry for you
Lill-Babs - Looking for love
Plura - Lalala
Lasse Berghagen - Because I love you
Petter - Satellites
Lill-Babs - Håll huvudet högt
Petter - Fulla för kärlekens skull
September - Kärlekens tunga
Lasse Berghagen - Somliga går i trasiga skor
Christer Sandelin - Pojkar pojkar pojkar
Thomas Di Leva - Kungarna från Broadway

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