Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mohombi - Dirty Situation (video)

We hadn't to wait too long for premiere of Mohombi's brand new video for new single "Dirty Situation" so here it's coming out and as previous two videos this one is screaming for music channels around the world to get it and give it heaviest rotations (and we know they will very soon).
In common idea of the video is not different from previous ones, it's all about gang of young people dancing and having fun. They did it on warm coast in Summer "Bumpy Ride", in the club when it got colder in "Miss Me" so here came winter - post-apocaleptic winter and the world is dying due to first shots of the video but it doesn't matter for Mohombi who find some (dirrrty) place to make a dance party with his friends (and Akon is one of them). And we still love choreography, love Mohombi's new style and love the song.

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ahh i love mohombi