Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anders Fernette is back to Melodifestivalen with "Run"

It's getting closer to Melodifestivalen, artists are announced and get prepared to contest but two of songs were still not known - song of Love Generation (I'll remind you that they haven't chosen which song they'll perform at Melodifestivalen and they still hasn't defined) and song replacing disqualified song of Anders Fernete "Don't Stop", SVT gave a week to Anders to find another song and he has found it!
Song is titled "Run" and it's written by Desmond Child, Negin Djafari, Hugo Lira, Ian-Paolo Lira and Thomas Gustafsson and described as uptempo song (not less than "Don't Stop", logically, "Don't Stop", "Run", it's gonna be dynamic) that was originally intended to become Celin Dion's single but it never happened. The most exciting part here is Desmond Child name - man behind some real world classic hits of Bon Jovi ("Livin' on a Prayer"), Alice Cooper ("Poison"), Aerosmith ("Crazy"), Billie Myers ("Kiss the Rain"), Ricky Martin ("Livin' La Vida Loca", "The Cup of Life", "She Bangs"), Katy Perry ("Waking Up in Vegas"), impressive? The rest of songwriting gang worked together as Random for Agnes, Jill Johnson, Dannii Minogue and Miley Cyrus. They also wrote/produced some hits for Anders ("Alone", "If It's All I Ever Do", "Without You") before but it's all Backstreet Boys meet Bryan Adams ballad stuff Anders used to do before that we due to description of the song are not gonna get this time.

Talking about news of other participants.

We've finally could check what Rasmus Viberg is about, and below you can listen how he sounds. We can't define anything for now but the one thing is clear, Rasmus is going to sound very original in the contest, something between Maroon 5 and male kind of Anastacia.

Nicke Borg who is currently trying his solo career apart from Backyard Babies released solo EP "Homeland - Chapter 1" that you can check here and single representing it is "Confessions Of A Criminal Mind" that you can listen below, nice calm rock-ballad, in common EP leaves impression of mixed thoughtful rock-ballads and country sound. Pleasant but we expect much more explosive stuff from Nicke on Melodifestivalen.

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