Sunday, December 19, 2010

Covenant - Lightbringer

Popular Swedish synth-band Covenant has provided this Autumn comeback with brand new single "Lightbringer" and album "Modern Run" planned for next January.
Project Covenant was born back in 80s by company of friends trying actual electronic direction and catching that wave of electronic music pushing bands like Kraftwerk and The Human League out to international scales. And Covenant has managed to be noticed by international synth-community as well touring a lot in Europe and releasing stuff in US. They were left underground in Sweden though not trying to become mass-product.
Radio-version of new single "Lightbringer" was produced by famous pop-producer Oscar Holter. Earlier Oscar worked on productions and mixes for such artists like Amy Diamond, BWO, Lily & Susie and he also performs as musician in synth-duo Necro Facility. Oscar also has provided radio-edit of Covenant's soundtrack "Wir sind die Nacht" for German same-title film.
"Lightbringer" is according to title very light optimistic track wrapped in accessible uplifting layers, classic synth-sound and robo-filtered rap turning to charming male vocals you can associate with Peter Heppner from Wolfsheim.

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Paul said...

yay this has grown on me quite a lot. i think i'm going to take it to larry flick when i'm on the radio on Weds :) It's quite a good winner's single :) I do hope to hear more from Minnah soon though (original stuff)...