Monday, December 20, 2010

Alexander Pärleros feat. Alice Svensson - Jul Jul Jul

Seems like we didn't hear anything from sweet little Alice Svensson quite long so nice Christmas tune from her is more than welcome.
She has united with Alexander Pärleros to sing Christmas track "Jul Jul Jul" and when we know quite a lot about Alice (performing in one band with Amy Diamond and Zara Larsson, runner-up of Idol-2008 and loads of other highlights in her career), google gives some chaotic information about Alexander - as model representing Sweden at international contests, records man in eating burgers and businessman buying old mobiles. Ok, no music background but in this case it doesn't matter as common idea of the song is quite kitchy with loads of skin, sexy models and making fun. Very Gunther-looking concept, but we don't complain, Alice is sweet as little loveliest piece of sugar, bells are ringing, what else do we need? Nothing, so sit back and enjoy.

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