Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jay Smith releases debut album "Jay Smith"

Idol-winner Jay Smith's album "Jay Smith" is out. You can find there all the biggest highlights Jay delievered on the show - all performances except Creed's cover (probably the most boring Jay's performance) and 3 retro-covers - Elvis, Sinatra and The Beatles. I think it's a shame "In The Ghetto" isn't on the album as it turned truly great cover - charming with Jay's vocal but different from usual Jay's growling range. But let's come back to what's included in tracklist. Expectedly it's "Black Jesus" - the biggest hit that made Jay winner already on auditions stage, epic "Like A Prayer" that sounds not any weaker in studio, the same about "Bad Romance" but in this case it sounds even more powerful than it was in live, previously released orchestral "Heart Shaped Box", boysband-goes-rock "I want it that way", All Saints' "Never Ever" as bonus-track and some other covers of rock-songs perfectly fitting Jay's voice. Oh, not to forget winning song "Dreaming People". But doesn't Jay want to forget it himself? If for a moment we'll try to look at this album without Idol-background we'll see the album of international level artist - does it sound any worse than any Nickelback's (or put any American radio-rock band here) album? I don't think so. But the problem that now Idol-label will be hard to erase from Jay's career. Wasn't "Dreaming People" with words "So, they threw you off but you got back up trying again. So, against the odds turned your face to the wind." sounding much more personal for Minnah - last jury's attempt to make sensation pulling her to the first place? We're not gonna know it as everything has gone due to the odds and now it's Jay who's gonna fight with his Idol-status by his rock-ground. What we see now watching Jay's performances is his complete lack of interest to hardly promote his first single - his winning song. Earlier Jay said that he doesn't really feel the song but why doesn't he try to stand for his release? The only answer I find here is attempt to trying to cut out all his Idol-side but is it right decision when it's what he worked for week by week? However hope it won't destroy his career before it has started as (I said it before) Jay has great rock-voice and if Sweden will need its own Chad Kroeger here he is.
Below you can listen Jay's studio version of "Dreaming People" and check tracklist of whole album.

1. Dreaming People
2. Like a Prayer (Madonna)
3. Rocks (Primal Scream)
4. Enter Sandman (Metallica)
5. Against all odds (Phil Collins)
6. White wedding (Billy Idol)
7. I want it that way (Backstreet Boys)
8. Bad romance (Lady Gaga)
9. Wherever you will go (The Calling)
10. Here without you (3 Doors Down)
11. Black Jesus (Everlast)
12. Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana)
13. Never Ever (Bonus Track)

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